Are you ready for real leadership?

We're building a grassroots movement to send Dwayne Johnson to the White House. Join us and tell us why you want to Make America Rock Again!



  • Real Leadership

    Dwayne Johnson has said many times that our leaders in Washington are not living up to their promises. Uniting the country is paramount - as Dwayne said, we need "more poise and less noise" in the White House

  • Fighting Corruption

    After promising to "Drain The Swamp", the Trump Administration has given K-Street lobbyists more power than ever. From gutting regulations designed to protect our children from pollution to passing a tax bill designed to personally give a $1 billion windfall to the Trump family, it's clear the American people need a fighter to take on Washington.

  • The American Dream

    America is divided - but as our history shows, it doesn't have to be that way. Dwayne Johnson is a unique figure who can unify America and help us remember that we have more that unites us than divides us. Everyone - from immigrants to military veterans to our law enforcement officers - deserves respect. 

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